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We solve issues of social polarization and poverty
by delivering Wallets for every unbanked person.

Thank you for your love and support, we truly appreciate it!
Message of support from Cameroonian Football Legend,
Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto'o

A former Cameroonian football player, who played for some of the top club teams in the world, including FC Barcelona, FC Internazionale Milano, and Chelsea FC. He is regarded as one of the greatest African players of all time – winning the African Player of the Year four (4) times (2003, 2004, 2005, 2010) throughout his legendary career and holds the record for it. He is also the alltime leading scorer for the Cameroon national team. (as of October 1, 2021)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Samuel Eto'o.

There are many people in the world who are unable to open a bank account.I am from Cameroon, Africa, and there are many people in Africa who are unable to maintain an independent life due to political instability and poor educational systems.

I have continued to play soccer because I believe that it has the ability to help unite people.

With hard work, I was able to open new doors for my future through soccer.

The world is now in a fragile situation where relations between countries and individuals are divided, partly due to the new corona.

Despite this situation, there are many children in Africa who dream of a better future.

However, in a divided society, inequality is widespread, and each person's life is treated lightly.

These children and their families do not have bank accounts, pocket money or savings, and the children do not have time or room to devote to their studies or extracurricular activities, such as sports.

As I was searching for ways to help with this sad reality, I came across the Fruits SDGs Station – a service that looks to provide a Fruits e-wallet to the less fortunate people.

Furthermore, their service is to build a transaction network where people can directly support children and families who do not have access to bank accounts, which I think is a great idea & challenge.

I'm sure that you, too, will help your friends and the people around you when they are in trouble.

Nowadays, the world is connected through the Internet, making it possible to interact with people beyond race and nationality.

I believe that this new challenge of Fruits SDGs Station will lead to people around the world joining hands and helping each other.

「Equality around the World」

Whether you are in a state of weakness or a strong individual, no human being can live alone.

Through this activity, you too can help children around the world to solve their problems and issues and realize a more peaceful and equal future.

May the world be filled with more smiles.

Samuel Eto’o



Q. What’s FRUITS project?
“We send your donation directly to people in need”
The new project to deliver donations directly to people in need of help!

The FRUITS Project is a project to deliver smartphone-based bank accounts to people who are less fortunate than others and who are unable to have bank accounts, and to deliver the donated money directly to them by making our donations through virtual currency.

It is said that 3 out of 4 people in poverty are not able to open bank accounts,so that they hardly save money or manage their financial assets. No matter how hard they work, they are not able to send money to their family. It makes it even harder for them to get away from poverty.

What if we could solve the problem of “being unbanked”? They will be able to have substantial support and get a chance for a better life.
FRUITS allows you to send your donation directly to poor people without charitable organization by using virtual currency.

FRUITS challenges to achieve SDGs goals.
Contribute to achieving SDGs through FRUITS
What is SDGs?

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership.

FRUITS Wallet helps achieve the 17 SDGs below:

Each community has its own problems.
Creative solutions are needed for each case.

There are a variety of problems for each community. For example, communities in Africa have different combinations of problems such as hunger, lack of clean water, diseases, viruses, insufficient medical system, pollution, and insufficient education system. So we can’t just bring one simple solution. Every single community needs a unique solution for their case of problem.

Building support bases at each area
to provide specific support activity for each area.

To provide unique support for each community, we are building FRUITS SDGs Stations, which are bases to support children and their families who are out of reach of support activity. We directly identify what problems or troubles are going on in the community and we spread the situation to the world to get support and also, our volunteers educate local children to let them learn how to use our Wallet, how to get allowance from it, and how to make a living in the future.

Learn more on FRUITS SDGs Station website.
There are over 14 million under five years old children
suffering from severe malnourishment.
The number of such cases has been increasing year by year,
and there is still no sign of improvement.
There are millions of children
desperately trying to get what we may be taking for granted.
  • Allowance
    from parents.
  • Education for the future.
  • Schools for basic education.
  • Food for day.
  • Sanitized water.

They don’t even have the opportunity to get
an allowance, education, food for the day, or school education.

In order to solve these serious problems, such as poverty inequality,
these children need support from those who are in a more stable position.

If you agree with our idea,
please help us help others by making a donation in the spirit of mutual aid.
Are you aware of the reality for those living in poverty?
Many children are desperate to survive a day.
  • 01 No ways to save money

    They have no financial service to save money for their future. That makes it harder for them to have a sustainable life quality.

  • 02 Insufficient education

    Only a few children are able to pay for sufficient education.

  • 03 No allowance at all

    It’s rare to have their own money before they start to work. That means they have no allowance for themselves.

  • 04 Unhealthy environment

    There are no garbage disposal sites around where they live, so they’re forced to live in an unclean environment. They don’t even have bathrooms.

  • 05 Lack of food and water

    Many children are suffering from continuous lack of food and hunger which creates a very tough environment for children to live in.

  • 06 Fighting survival day by day.

    They face health threats such as mosquitoes carrying malaria or other infectious diseases and aren’t able to get sufficient medical treatment.

Only if they were capable of using an online payment system……
Below are examples of real life reports of improvement.
  • Mobile payment allowed 1 million people to get away from poverty.

    2008〜2014 Republic of Kenya
  • Mobile payment users saved three times more than people who didn’t use mobile payment.

    ─ Burkina Faso

Wallets can provide support to many people.

We can help them live a better lifestyle by using mobile payment service or providing them with smartphone wallets.

Online payment systems allow us to send your donations directly to children.
With FRUITS, you can save people who didn’t have a way to receive donations from others.

Can poor people
even afford smartphones?
2/3 of unbanked people have mobile phones!

Providing FRUITS Wallets could potentially help 1.1 billion people.

22% of the world (about 1.7 billion people) don't have bank accounts.
Out of those people about ⅔ (about 1.1 billion people) have mobile phones.
Our offer is not just a temporary solution, but a fundamental solution based on usage rate of mobile phones among poor people.
Providing them a substantial way of opening bank accounts.

Poor people with smartphones

FRTS app

Normal bank accounts

Charity financial network only available with

It is said that 1.7 billion people out of the global population are unbanked. However, about 1.1 billion of them have smartphones.

It means our Wallet is capable of helping 1.1 billion people to have their alternative bank account allow them saving or managing their financial assets.

FRUITS clarifies the route that your donation passes.
Donate directly and you’ll know where your donation is going.
  • Open the Wallet

    Donation receivers, receivers will install FRUITS Wallet app to their mobile phone and open a Wallet account. We will then send donations directly to the Wallet by using virtual currencies.

  • Receive the donation

    After they register a Wallet account, they can receive donations through the Wallet. They will be able to exchange the virtual currency with their country’s currency.

  • Management & Security

    Wallets are managed like bank accounts and they are as secure as normal banks. Receivers can both organize financial assets and save money.

  • Economic independence & escaping poverty

    By increasing savings from the donations through the Wallet, they can find a way of economic independence, to get out of poverty.

  • Donate via virtual currency

    Use our original virtual currency to donate. The virtual currency allows you to send donations directly to people in need. In addition, your donations will be sent faster by using virtual currency than former ways of donation.

  • Available without an actual bank account

    FRUITS is an alternative to a bank account. That means users don’t need to have bank accounts to receive donations. By using our Wallet, 1.1 billion people (who have smartphones but no bank accounts) can have a way to make savings and manage their financial assets.

  • Direct donation

    By using our virtual currency for donations, you don’t have to leave your donations to charitable institutions that may be unclear of where the donation is sent to. It should make it easier for you to make donations because you can be sure if your donations were sent to the receiver or not.

  • No transaction fee

    There is no transaction fee when you use FRUITS to donate. That means 100% of your donation reaches people who you want to help. It also makes it easier to make a small amount of donation because there aren’t any transaction fees.

Please support us in making a world a better place through direct donations with FRUITS
Children from all over the world need your support!
  • World’s first donation system
    that allows direct donation
    to people in need!
    You'll get rewards for donating.
“Does your donation reach people you want to support?”

Charitable activities are constantly being held around the world. But did the money you donated really reach the people in need? FRUITS wipes out such worries by sending your donation directly to people who need your support!

Organizer: Fruits SDGs Station

We build bases at each area for specific support activity because each area has its own problems or troubles. Our most unique point is our Wallet which challenges us to offer fundamental solutions for problems caused by insufficient financial service and support not only by lack of food or medical system. This FRUITS Wallet allows us to donate directly without charitable institutions. We are here to bring equality for everyone who lives on the earth.

Provide love & support for the children in need of help.
There are children with loving hands that you can help directly.